Sunday, October 10, 2010

Katsan is a crazy monkey!

Our boy cat, Katsan.. he's so majestic.
Laying patiently on the windowsill, back supported by the headboard of the bed, soaking in the slowly fading late afternoon sunlight.

He doesn't have the best diet, I'm sure, so his back skin hangs off of the sill, almost like he's dripping towards the ground. Drippity-drops of cat deliciousness -- he's really very cute =)

Even though it might appear to some that there is some excess skin and/or fat that allows for that drippiness, I wouldn't call him the F word. You know, Fat.
Although I do, sometimes... but it's in a loving way. And really, everyone is 'fat', in the way that everyone has fat -- regardless of the amount.

I'd like to have him on a better diet, and play with him more, so he stays healthy. If I want him to live a long and full life, he needs to be fed well. I'm not sure our current food is up to snuff... In fact, I know it's not, it's not even fit for humans to eat. Would you want to settle for something that contained chicken by product meal?

That's not to infer that I want to eat my cats food, but if it was good enough then why not? Maybe I should just cook for him like I do myself... maybe I should do all kinds of things that I don't currently do. Then, there's life.
In time, I say. Slowly crawling my way through the mud.

We'll get there, she and I. Cats-in-arms(or papoose of sorts), filled to the brim with cannabinoids, fighting the urge to expire at any second. Where is there? Elsewhere. A home we may call our own.
Life is more cats, and we're headed that direction!

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