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Project Runway Season 8, Episode 12 Contestant Review...

Project Runway Season 8, Episode 12.

Did you watch it? Here's my rundown on the contestants =)

April Johnston.

April was eliminated, and really, I think she stayed a bit too long.

Her level of craftsmanship (from afar) appeared solid, and she has a solid work ethic... at least enough to get the garment done. That's really all I saw from her.

She played the role of the tortured soul, so apparently blinded by experiences in the past that it seems she has lost the ability to look forward. 

Her designs are quite modern, I agree, but that's something completely different than being 'forward' when it comes to fashion.

Where's the color, where's the love? 
This girl didn't need to be the David Bromstad (HGTV's Colorsplash) of high-fashion, however she does need to bring something else to the metaphorical fashion table. 

Something other than a rather sadly played out, boringly burton-esque splinter of a perspective. I do not 'hate' on this girl, I just call it as I see it, and this is nothing new to me. 

She's a young designer, and she's had a troubled past concerning her parents divorce. My parents divorced when I was 10, and it was not easy, but it's certainly no excuse to lock yourself up in a shell of some cheapening dark aesthetic that has little to no possible client base.

High fashion is about creativity, expression, pushing limits, but most importantly, making people look and feel beautiful. I don't believe that April is yet at the point to fully understand these things, and I'm very glad that she didn't get to take a talented designers spot at Lincoln Center for Fashion Week.

I wish her the best in her evolution.

Michael Costello (Michael 'C')

I wasn't sure what to think about this guy from the beginning, and not for the same reason that many other people 'weren't sure what to think about him'. I never held the desperate type of contempt for him that many of the designers (and viewers, I'm sure) seemed to eager to embrace.

I wasn't sure what to think of him because he seemed a bit ambiguous... in every way. I'm still not sure about his particular point of view, although I see that he does like enjoy the ancient art of fabric draping.

For someone that seems so scattered at times and inexperienced, he turns out some very wearable clothes that are simple and elegant. There's a definite reason that he's won so many challenges, the judges see the marketability of his clothes and his potential as a designer.

He might not 'have it all together', but he's very creative, very humble, and very nice when not spat upon (Attention: Ivy) and cursed. I'm glad he was able to overcome the adversity of the bigoted monster (Ivy, Valerie, AJ, April...) that was created, and eventually destroyed on project runway. 

Gretchen was a major player of Team Bigot against Michael C., however she has since realized (along with Mondo) that Michael Costello is indeed very talented and deserving of this chance of a lifetime. Good for them. They didn't like him at first, but were able to understand that maybe they really didn't know him at all. They gave him a chance, and were able to realize his value and potential as a designer and person. That's the kind of thing I like to see. It's inspiring.

Mondo Guerra

I really enjoy the garments that Mr. Guerra has crafted on this season. His ability to mix and match bright colors and prints is something that sets him apart from the other designers. 

The creative part of this guys brain is really on overdrive. His ability to sew and finish is impeccable, and he really has that type of unstoppable quality to him. 

The garments he creates, placed on the right lady could easily stop traffic. 

He stands a really good shot of winning at Fashion Week. Along with whichever other contestants place in the finals, I'll surely be rooting for Mondo.

Along with Michael C., and Gretchen, I think that Mondo has grown considerably as a person and a designer. For example, the team challenge when he had to work with Michael Costello. 

Mondo thought it was going to be a disaster because he misunderstood Michael C. as a person. But when they started conversing and working together, Mondo easily realized that Michael was just very misunderstood and misrepresented by the designers that had it out for him. I was really proud of Mondo for just being totally real, and not letting the other designers bigoted opinions cloud his judgement. I'm glad he's friends with Michael C. It's nice when things work out the way they should =)

Andy South

I don't know what to say about Andy... because I don't particularly enjoy his aesthetic, and I think he does himself a disservice by incorrectly walking (hobbling, more like it) that thin line between sexy and slut.

He presents a good finish, and his skill level I believe is definitely up to par... however it's the whole taste thing that really gets him. I'm sure it will come to him in time. All it takes is the ability to understand what actually enhances and compliments the female body.

For example, those asian-inspired excessively-puffy shorts and pants that he loves to create -- they have a market, it's just not in high fashion. It's in costume design, and that's fine, just don't pull that skill out when you're working with high fashion.
And I don't strictly think that puffy-pants like that can never have a place in high fashion, they just need to be done correctly in order to fit in to what high fashion embraces. Does Heidi Klume want puffy legs? Think about it Andy... and make it work!

Gretchen Jones

This girl... this Gretchen... she's okay. She's definitely grown during this process, and that's really awesome. If nothing else, you come out more humble, more understanding and less quick to make excuses. Not that Gretchen was a terror with those types of things, but she definitely exudes a more learned personality now than at the beginning of the show.

Her garment was... interesting, although depending on your point of view you might just think it's boring. Perhaps a little too commercial for high-fashion? I suppose that's a result of her losing much of her steam.

It's a tough competition, really tough. The remaining contestants have certainly proven themselves to be tough, and Gretchen needs to keep her strength about her if she hopes to show at Lincoln Center for Fashion Week.

I'm excited to see what she has to show us, because for the most part I like her designs when she does them well. She definitely has the potential to win.

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