Sunday, October 24, 2010

Provocative Posters of this Lovely Boo Girl I know...

To our friends and family, it's not news that we (my luscious Boo and I) like to take lovely pictures of said Boo.

Boo likes to model, and I like to shoot her... with our camera. I only shoot my Boo with a camera or Love Bullets.

Anyways, we were thinking about exploiting some of these pictures for the fact that they're very visually appealing... to certain groups of people. The Amish may want to look away.

We would like to know if there might be a market for wall posters made of these images. My Boo is very beautiful, and she would be an elegant way to seductively adorn your favorite wall. We thinks this could be a good idea for a business venture.

I don't promise profanity (shit...), or obsceneness. So, any more pictures in the future will be very tasteful, yet provocative ;-)

Keep in mind, most of these are completely unedited aside from a quick crop. They will really shine when edited, and I couldn't be bothered to do that right now because I needed to get the blog up first. The polish shall come later. If you want to see our editing skills, head on over to and you'll get a real good idea of our aesthetic.

Here's a taste of some select pics...

So, in closing I'd like to ask again, would anyone out there in cyberspaceville be interested in ordering medium/large wall posters made of any of these lovely Boo images?

I'm not sure what the pricing will be like, that all depends. The fact is, you'd have a classy provocative girt to hang on your wall. That's probably more than many of you would achieve anyways. You should be so lucky ;-)

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